Ideas in the Organization: Part 2

So, after sharing my last post with my collegues, two thoughts emerged.  First, how do you tell if a person is the type that will have ideas and, second, what do you do with people who don’t meet that criteria.

People with ideas are generally people who are able to apply a new concept to a given situation.  Whether it is the best application of a concept or not, the person was able to apply it.  But being able to apply a concept first requires two things. 

A person should be eager to learn.  Too many times, I find people who are very bright people, but simply show up to work in order to earn a paycheck.  While this is a noble idea (providing for one’s family), it doesn’t benefit the organization.  Also, a person needs to have the capability of learning.  Its great if someone wants to learn, but if they don’t have that aptitude, its a pointless endeavor.

Therefore, we can tell the “idea people” from the “non-idea people” by their application of acquired knowledge.  Having a college degree is a good starting point because it shows eagerness and capability.  Certifications are the same.  But ability to apply knowledge is difficult to judge from a resume.

So, ultimately, the question is what to do with “non-idea people”.  Well, while there are some uses for them, I would postulate that the organization is better off without them.  They will simply take instruction and execute it blindly, without thinking about the consequences or whether or not a question should be raised.


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