Building an IoC Container – Resolving Types without Dependencies

The code for this step is located here.

As noted in the introduction, we are going to take this in steps and go in a test first manner.  So, let’s write our first test.

public class when_resolving_a_type_with_zero_dependencies : ContainerSpecBase
    static object _result;

    Because of = () =>
        _result = _container.Resolve(typeof(DummyService));

    It should_not_return_null = () =>

    It should_return_an_instance_of_the_requested_type = () =>

    private class DummyService { }

If you haven’t used Machine.Specifications, this may seem like odd syntax.  But what I like about it is that it is easy to see what is going on when the container is resolving a type with zero dependencies.  First,  the container shouldn’t return null and second, the container should return an instance of the requested type.

Now that we have a test, we are going to start coding the implementation.  We’ll start with the simplest thing that could possibly work here.

public class Container
    public object Resolve(Type type)
        return Activator.CreateInstance(type);

    public T Resolve()
        return (T)Resolve(typeof(T));

Nothing special, and nothing that you couldn’t have figured out on your own.  In the next post, we’ll see how to handle this when the requested type has dependencies.


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