Attending MongoSV

I’ll be attending MongoSV in california over the next two days.  Day 1 will be a summit for the MongoDB Master’s group (of which I am a member).  We’ll be discussing anything and everything about MongoDB with hopes to influence it’s future direction.

Day 2 will be more interesting.  As a .NET developer, I’m thoroughly interested in all things related to Microsoft.  A few days ago, 10gen announced that MongoDB has support for running on Azure.  In fact, Microsoft will be speaking on the topic at the conference.  This is totally interesting because it lets us marry a scalable infrastructure with a scalable database and not have to sacrifice either one for the other.  I have nothing against SQL Server and use it for all my transactional business needs.  However, when building systems to scale, transactional business models are not the correct choice.  I’ll talk more on this topic in my next post on CQRS.

Until then, I’ll take notes and blog my thoughts about the direction 10gen is going with MongoDB in the future.

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