MongoSV Conference

I just returned from the MongoDB conference in San Jose on Saturday.  Because I’m a MongoDB Master, I was able to attend the Master’s Summit the day before the conference.  We did it unconference style and let each topic self-select based on what we wanted to talk about.  I discussed of lot of windows related things like performance counters and SCOM integration as well as how to evangelize to the Microsoft community as a whole.  10gen is really looking to expand into this area more so than they have in the past.

One of these efforts is that MongoDB now runs on Azure.  This is cool because it gives another possibility for scaling in the cloud.  Azure already offers 3 forms of data storage.  SQL, Table, and Blob.  Blob is just a filesystem and suitable for binary items like images.  Table storage is a way to store large quantities of non-relational data.  It is relatively cheap as is blog.  The last is SQL, where Azure supports storing relational data.  SQL Azure, however, is extremely expensive compared to Blob and Table storage.

MongoDB fits in between Table Storage and SQL Storage.  Underneath, it uses Blob storage to keep the data, making it much cheaper that SQL Azure.  MongoDB does not represent its data in relational form, but rather in document form.  However, unlike Table Storage, MongoDB is fully queryable, fully indexable, and super fast.  It is a great alternative for bridging the needs between dynamic queries and fully relational data.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and hope to continue it through contact with the other Masters and feedback to 10gen.


3 thoughts on “MongoSV Conference

    1. So, you think that the Blob storage account coupled with the three worker roles would cost more? I haven’t done any analysis so I don’t know… Perhaps they’ll figure out how to make this type of thing cheaper in the future…

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